Studio Membership

We’re thrilled to be offering our students and hobby potters in the Ottawa Valley a place to create with our Studio Membership Program. We believe this is a great opportunity for the clay community to continue accessing central resources and tapping into staff knowledge and expertise.

We designed the Studio Membership Program to be flexible to accommodate all creative and working styles, whether members like to create lots of pots while in the studio or prefer to take their time decorating.

Studio members can choose their plan according to their schedule and preference and pay for materials as work is ready to take home. The material fee is based on the weight of the work.

Bumpy Roads Studio is a safe and judgement-free environment in which members come together to explore and develop their creative self and hone their clay-making skills.

Welcome to the Studio!


Who Can Become Member?

Studio students having completed a 10-week course at Bumpy Roads Studio or hobby potters with prior experience working with clay at another studio. Potters with prior experience somewhere else will be given a general orientation on their first visit so that they know where resources are and become familiar with clay and water management routine at Bumpy Roads.


Choose Your Plan

Members can choose to pay their membership dues on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Membership dues are subject to HST, are due in full and are non-refundable.


$50 recurring monthly fee

$120 recurring quarterly fee
Get 10% off all Bumpy Roads Studio products

$460 recurring annual fee
Get 15% off all Bumpy Roads Studio products

Material Fees

Members will pay for the materials used. Material fees are incurred when work is fired and will be paid by the member when taking work home.

When members take work home, the work will be weighed by staff, and the member must pay the fee appropriate to the scenarios.

Only paid work can be taken home.

Take-home work prices consider cost of clay and glazes, firing costs, equipment maintenance costs and staff time to recycle clay and perform maintenance. These prices are subject to change to keep in step with material costs.




Material Fee


Work that has gone through a bisque firing, were glazed with studio glazes and glaze-fired at the studio.

$9.50+tx / kg


Work that has gone through a bisque firing and where the member intends to apply their own glaze at home.

$5.00+tx / kg

Glaze Firing

Bisqueware that has been glazed at home and glazed-fired at the studio.

$2.50+tx / kg



Planning Your Time in the Studio

Members can book their studio time in advance using our booking website. A link is sent to members upon signing-up.

The booking website is customized so that members are guaranteed a spot when reserving time in the studio. New Members will have to create an account login on the booking website when booking their first session.


Day of Week

During Classes

During Summer

Rest of year





















Sunday & Monday

Studio Closed

Studio Closed

Studio Closed


The studio is closed on designated Ontario Holidays. The studio is also closed for the week between Christmas and New Year Holidays, starting on December 24th at 2pm or before if the 24th falls on a Sunday or Monday and January 1st inclusively.


House Rules Covenant

There can be up to 60 people accessing the studio on a weekly basis to engage their creative mind. Bumpy Roads Studio is asking everyone to abide by the House Rules outlined here to ensure visiting the Studio is and remains a pleasant experience for all and all times.


House Rules Compliance

Members are trusted to abide by the House Rules. When staff identify issues while a member is still at the studio, they will notify the member verbally. When staff or other members identify issues after a member has left the studio, a note will be made to the member file. A $30 fine will be charged to members who accumulate 3 violations in any rolling 30-day period. Repeated non-compliance will result in cancellation of membership by Studio Staff.


Control of Creative Flow

Completing a clay project can span over a few weeks and it is key to organize your workflow. Members are autonomous in their creative process and are responsible managing each step in the making process and perform quality control. Members are invited to consult the update boards to know when their work has gone through a firing process.

Studio staff will fire bone dry and glazed pots when they are placed on the designated shelves. We reserve the right to exclude work from firings if the work is deemed at risk of explosion or fusion or other glaze defect during the firing.

Studio staff endeavours to manipulate member work carefully when loading and unloading the kiln and will not be held responsible for accidental damage or damage caused by a faulty making process.


Cleanliness & Tidiness Rule

Cleanliness is key to the wellness of people using the studio, including members, students and staff. Individuals are responsible for wiping clean their table work area, equipment and tools before leaving the studio. This includes plaster bats used to dry sloppy clay, floor, tool boards, bats, scales and banding wheels. Tools are returned to their proper place as indicated by signage and labels.


Water Use & Disposal

Members make best effort in efficient use of water in the Studio, especially as it relates to cleaning. Clay and glaze water shall never be poured into the sink.


Physical Safety

Members are responsible for their own physical safety when accessing the studio and its resources. As such, members will only use equipment they have been trained to use. Members pay attention to and are aware of their surroundings and their position relative to them to plan movements in the studio.

Members must not use any hazardous substance or engage in hazardous activities without requesting permission from Studio staff in writing. Permission may be granted at Staff’s sole discretion upon member’s demonstration of their competency in safely handling such substance or performing such activities. Members will immediately notify Studio Staff in case of injury or another reportable incident that occur while in or around the Studio.


Psychological Safety

Clay is a wonderful media to calm the mind and find inner peace. The Studio is a place where everyone is welcome to create in a judgment-free environment. Staff endeavours to be inclusive and respecting, to frame feedback as learning problems, not execution problems, acknowledge their own fallibility, and model curiosity. Members are expected to do the same towards themselves and others.


Reasonableness & Lawfulness

Members will not engage in any activity in or around the Studio that are unlawful, illegal or unreasonably dangerous. Members will use Studio equipment, tools and resources in a reasonable manner to avoid damage and undue wear and tear.


Damage to Studio Property

Members are responsible for any loss, cost or damage to Studio property caused by willful or negligent conduct.


Member Resources

Members may bring their own tools and resources for use at the studio. The Studio offers no storage space and members must bring their own tools and resources back home after each session. Members must use Studio-provided clay while at the Studio.