Marie-Josée (aka. MJ) is a proudly eclectic creator. She holds graduate degrees in library science and business administration and is a Certified Professional Coach. While enjoying every aspect of her business advisory and leadership coaching practice, she also finds herself gravitating back to the potter’s wheel to keep life in balance. Pottery making is her favorite way to meditate, because let’s face it, the processes of centering clay and centering the mind are linked. She fearlessly pursues several endeavours. She believes in living fully, intentionally, and is committed to embracing each moment. After all, we live every day!

Artistic Inspiration

Pottery making is fraught with pitfalls. Things can go wrong in so many ways and at every step of the production process. To us, it makes it even more interesting. While we strive to master our technique, we also love nothing more than exploring the accident. We believe in the value of the bumps on the road as opportunities to learn and grow. We create accidents on purpose with carving, shaping thrown or hand-built pieces. We recognize the uniqueness of each piece and celebrate the surprises. We hope you will enjoy them too.


What clay do you use?

We use mid-fire white porcelain clay for the most part. We like it's smoothness and strength. Working with porcelain can be a bit tricky as it responds easily to pressure.

Do your glazes contain lead?

No. We formulate our glaze recipes and mix the raw materials here in the studio. We guarantee that none of of them contain lead. We also put a lot of care in the chemistry of our glazes to ensure they are durable.

Who makes your pottery?

It is a family affair. While the main artisan is MJ, the studio founder, her life-time partner, Yanick, also produces some objects on occasion. Our two daughters assist on special collaborations - like the Gnome Trios.

Is the pottery oven-safe?

Yes. Our pottery is fired at 2232°F (1222°C) for the glaze fire and will withstand the heat of your oven. Pottery can break however if it is cooled too quickly (e.g. submerged in water while still hot).

Is your pottery dishwasher-safe?

Yes. We formulate our glazes based on specific chemistry known to be the most durable and prevent colour alteration from the harsh dishwasher soap.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we do sell some items wholesale to florists and gift shops. You can contact us to receive a catalog of items available for wholesale or open your wholesale account.